Art Show and the Museums of Burlington

Soooo.. I showed my art at the Joseph Brant Day Festival in Burlington last Monday. I set up my canopy, it was a crazy hot day. The staff of the Museums of Burlington were incredibly organized, helpful and all around really nice. I was impressed.

Other than the heat the day was going very well. It was a short show.. only from 11am to 4pm. About 2pm the thunderheads moved in. It looked very threatening. The event staff came by and told us to go ahead and pack up as inclement weather was coming in (at a show you agree not to leave before the end)…. we heard thunder.. and the lightning crackled. We had JUST taken down my work (all framed, with glass!) from the canopy and packed it when a powerful gust began and grabbed the canopy and almost blew it across the venue. We managed to grab it, and with the help of a Fireman from the venue that had been there managed to keep it from blowing away as we frantically untied the canvas walls and roof and secured it. Then it began to pour rain…

The staff came out and assisted the vendors in getting their (and our) materials and displays packed up and in our vehicles. At least 5 other vendors steel canopy frames were damaged beyond repair. The event staff were amazing. I have nothing but the utmost praise and respect for how they dealt with this unexpected and sudden issue.. as well as their handling of the entire show.

The Museums of Burlington are a class act.. and I am grateful they worked so hard to help all of us save our work, our displays and kept everyone safe.

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