Artist’s Dirty Little Secret

From: Janice Tanton

The most talented, beautiful wonderful people I know – artists, dancers, musicians, songwriters, sculptors, writers, film-makers –  ALL have a very dirty little secret.

It’s one they refuse to acknowledge, even to themselves. One so heinous and deep as to affect all that choose an artistic profession, no matter the discipline or genre.  Watercolour painting of a Raven with magnolias and nebula

This is a dirty, horrible secret that festers and eats away at the very fabric of our human existence. One that reaches far into the bowels of all of society and kills souls with it’s rank putridity.

It’s a self-mutilating secret of the worst kind. One that cuts silently, deeply in a poisonous, hushed way, killing from the inside out. It’s a suicidal action with the deepest hurt to all, yet appearing on the surface to be a well-meaning act of do-gooding societal servitude. It is the most powerful and worst killer of creativity in any form.

It’s never spoken about in public circles amongst artists for fear that one be seen as non-compliant in the brotherhood. Play along, now. There’s a good boy and girl. Have a cookie. Good doggie.

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