I started this blog, and website because of my love for creating, my love of painting and my love of writing and reaching out to others.

I read ALL the advice for starting a blog, and ALL the advice on starting a business… even things way over my head like SEO (which I still don’t get) marketing strategies, presenting ones self professionally.. what to and not to blog about.. blah, blah, blah. I did my best to implement these things, but somehow it doesn’t seem to be working in ways that are important…

The next instalment of the Watercolour Painting series is coming shortly but I need to step back and get real. I just don’t work the way most people do. I never have and I’ve tried every technique to become more ‘typical’, more ‘normal’, just so I could be successful in what I love to do, just so I could fit in, just to be acceptable, if nothing else.

It doesn’t work for me.

This may not either, but it doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is being true to myself and giving myself permission to be real. I have ADHD (well, not the H, but whatever). It colours everything I do, and who I am and how I relate to the world, to creativity, and how I operate.

I’m not always going to be consistent, I’m not capable of finding or having a particular ‘style’, or do my work in ‘series’, or focusing on particular subject matter for extended periods of time, as my interests change daily. I don’t fit into the common idea of what an artist should strive for because I’m distractible and I find myself drawn to novel and new things all the time. That’s how my brain works. That’s reflected in my art that jumps all over the place depending on what catches my imagination. It’s also a strength, because I can turn my hand to many different approaches, learn many different skills, and be captured by many different aesthetics and subjects.

“In the midst of all the chaos in your mind, and all of the disorganization, and all the trouble getting started, and procrastination, your brain just thinks a little bit differently. And you can come up with things.”

David Neeleman, former CEO of Jet Blue Airways, ADHD

It’s been very helpful as a graphic designer, because I’m bringing multi-disciplinary skills to my clients. I’m not a one-trick pony! It’s also been a challenge in some ways. I get bored easily, I’m not very good at rote and routine work—though I can do it for short periods if I have to—ultimately I need challenge and variety to give my best. It can also be a gift as I can see ‘the big picture’ and come up with solutions that others may not.

I’m tired of hiding it, or being ashamed of it. I’m not wired like most people… and that is not a bad thing.

and that’s okay.

“They say a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. What then is an empty desk a sign of?”

~Albert Einstein

So, for my readers/collectors, you may see some changes in the blog as I will relate my creative endeavours with the challenges of being ADD, and in the art that reflects this shift.

For potential clients/job partners I have something unique to offer. More on this later.

And.. anyone out there who can relate… welcome to the tribe!

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