Up and running!

I am so excited to finally have this site up and running. The road has been winding and sometimes I could not see what was coming around the corner, but this site and the direction my life and art has taken has brought me here.

I’m currently exploring watercolour, which is so much fun, and lots of flowers. They have stretched how I see things and are always a challenge.

2 thoughts on “Up and running!”

  1. Your comments on talent are interesting. I went to a commercial art school where I learned that you are absolutely correct! Artistic talent, the ability to execute a piece of art, can be learned by almost anyone. However, there is also the issue of creativity. I don’t think creativity or an “artist’s eye” is easily learned. But apparently, you have it all so don’t mind me!

  2. I think, Chris, that anyone with the urge to make art already has a vision—maybe they just aren’t aware of it. Yet.

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