Tiny Little Paintings!

I’ve finally put up my miniatures gallery! It’s not completely filled in yet.

Peaches and Peonies acrylic miniature
Peaches and Peonies acrylic miniature

BUT, I’m excited about how well they photographed. None of these are over 3 inches square, most are 2″ x 2″. They were a lot of fun.

Click on the link below and check them out! 

Do you think I should do more?


Shaking It Up

I’ve been working a lot in watercolour the past year or so and felt I was getting into a rut. I had done some miniature paintings on the side in acrylic, with these tiny little canvasses I had lying around…

So, I thought I would stretch myself a bit and tackle some larger pieces. The process for acrylic is opposite what it is for watercolour. Instead of painting light to dark, you go from dark to light. It’s a different way of approaching a painting and makes me SEE the subjects in a new way. This has brought me back to my formal training and all of a sudden I’m thinking up new ideas for paintings!

“It’s good as an artist to always remember to see things in a new, weird way.” 
~Tim Burton

Using (or trying) different materials is a great way to infuse new life into your art practice, to see things from a new point of view, and to jump start creativity when you feel blocked.

How to you get out of a rut, or a block?