Learning Watercolour

Basics, Complete Projects and Fun Techniques

Free Video Tutorials for Beginners

colourful simple flowers

Did you ever feel like you couldn’t make art, or didn’t know where to begin?

I’m happy to announce that I will be making free art videos very soon! Starting with the basics of watercolour painting, they will also cover complete projects and fun techniques. These will be easy enough for beginners but still challenging.

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Comment below if you have things you’d like to see included in new videos. Let’s make art!

“Every artist was first an amateur”

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

A Huge Heartfelt Thank You!

Gratitude is important.

About two years ago I began watching youtube videos on art instruction and I found one artist that was making and sharing the most wonderful videos. She inspired me to get out my sketchbook and paints again…
I had abandoned my art. I had abandoned my dreams. I had abandoned myself.

* Finding other artists to learn from and be inspired by is my advice for the week. It will open you up to your own desire to create, and enhance your motivation. Youtube is a great place to start.

Her name is Lisa Clough, and her talent, enthusiasm and generosity with sharing her techniques and experience, and especially encouraging other artists is amazing.

It was her videos that brought me back to my art and I owe her my deepest thanks, even if we work in different mediums. (I did buy one of her pieces… so beautiful, still have to get it framed—it’s a Polar Bear, squeeee!).

She has tons of videos, not just on creating art, but on materials, supports, techniques and more. She does critiques, she reviews art supplies, and gives her take on the art business, creativity and lots of other subjects. She is bit of a whirlwind and her output is crazy. If I could do half of what she manages to do I would be very happy.

Thank you Lisa! You have no idea how much you have helped me, I wouldn’t be doing this without your inspiration.